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Interoperability Drives 21st Century Optimized Care Leveraging Carequality and 360X Transitions

Come to the HIMSS23 Interoperability Showcase to see how Interoperability Drives 21st Century Optimized Care Leveraging Carequality and 360X Transitions.

21st Century state of the art healthcare delivery for complex patients across multiple settings must include the interoperability modality best suited to each specific patient use case.

The scenario for this patient exhibits care optimization through the support of multi-modality protocols, technology and standards. The patient’s enhanced care trajectory demonstrates:  A multitude of Carequality query and push use cases including actual image exchange; ONC sponsored IHE 360X enabled care transitions; Condition of Participation (CoP) alerting; as well as the patient performing a Carequality individual access query to collect her records using an app that will empower her to make optimal treatment decisions. The standards used and demonstrated include C-CDA, HL7, Direct, and Carequality exchange (including IHE-based Query, FHIR, Electronic Case Reporting and Diagnostic Image Exchange).

Our patient Carla Cabral, with a remote history of breast cancer, has new onset of concerning symptoms. She wants to get her tests and be seen by the necessary specialists as soon as possible to ensure that she literally does not die waiting.

360X facilitates her doctors’ direct communication with each other and rapidly moves along the closed loop referral process. The ability for her doctors to be able to perform Carequality queries for her old and new results required for treatment, including the exchange of her images, prevents any delays in her care. 

Carla wants to retain and be in charge of all of her health information. She uses an application specifically designed for cancer patients such as herself. When she discovers that she has metastatic breast cancer to her brain she wants to know all of her treatment options, including those that her doctors are recommending, but also the clinical trials that might be open to her. Accessing her own health data on this app helps Carla feel in control of her treatment and empowered to make the decisions that are most appropriate for her.

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Participating Vendors: CVS, eClinicalWorks, Epic, MedAllies, Meditech, Nuance, Invitae

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