National Provider Directory

National Provider Directory access promotes adoption and utilization of Direct technologies.

MedAllies provides our clients with access to our National Provider Directory. The data is compiled from trusted sources that contribute to the DirectTrust Aggregate. MedAllies enhances the data by calculating the geolocation to provide a tailored robust searchable Directory.


Data validation is key in producing a directory that our clients can trust. For example, MedAllies calculates the geolocation of all directory contributions for data mapping. In addition, Provider NPIs are verified on an ongoing basis against the national NPPES registry.

Directory Updates

It is important that our clients maintain an up-to-date directory.MedAllies offers access to near real-time updates to our National Direct HISP Directory through our Directory API or, for those without API capabilities, via a file transfer.

We also support the capability to query for directory changes between two dates for delta reporting.