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MedAllies Interoperability Lab

Optimizing health information technology in value-based care models

Understanding Clinical Workflows in Hospital & Provider Organizations

MedAllies Interoperability Lab allows vendors to test use cases to ensure their messages can be rendered in EHRs and test out software upgrades pre-release to the market. Our end-to-end testing program allows vendors to provide assurance that Direct messaging is fully functional and ready for client use.

Over 95% of the market is connected through the MedAllies Interoperability Lab

Interoperability Lab Features

Our test environment can replicate an end-to-end production environment system enabled to enhance interoperability throughout the Direct community, with an emphasis on content consumption and display.

  • Allows vendors to test industry advancements, new workflows, and use cases with other targeted EHR vendors
  • Vendor-only environment with MedAllies as a neutral mediator to promote interoperability testing
  • Pairing of EHR products to replicate real world scenarios with 3rd party HISP / EHR combinations