MedAllies achieves QHIN designation under TEFCA™ Learn More

Healthcare’s Preferred Connectivity Service Provider

Your trusted national healthcare network provider delivering excellent service to healthcare constituents in support of patient care nationally.

MedAllies Attains QHIN™ Recognition Milestone

Unlocking possibilities, we are now a designated network for healthcare information exchange.

Your Healthcare Ally for Over 20 Years

MedAllies securely delivers vital health information to impact care by operating multiple national networks supporting interoperability for all healthcare constituents. We are focused on network and service excellence for everyone accessing our Connectivity Services.







Trusted Frameworks and Standards

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Trusted Frameworks
and Standards

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Trusted Frameworks and Standards

Our Connectivity Services

Our innovative approach to understanding the technical and functional requirements of all EHR vendors, healthcare organizations, and providers allows MedAllies to meet the demand to move trusted, actionable healthcare information efficiently and effectively.

The MedAllies Way

Bringing together millions of healthcare constituents for a more trusted, actionable interoperable healthcare experience

60+ Years Clinical Experience

MedAllies is led by clinicians with over 60+ years combined experience in the medical field. We are doctors and health IT experts with a goal to enhance healthcare.

Service Excellence

We serve over 800 hospitals, 5,000 organizations, and 125,000 providers and partners providing millions with information required for efficient and effective care.

Message Delivery Success

MedAllies works directly with other accredited HISPs and partnering edge systems (e.g., EHRs, HIEs, etc.) to ensure messages are delivered, rendered correctly, and actionable.

Directory Accuracy

MedAllies frequently updates our directory to maintain accuracy, ensuring clinicians have the information needed at the point of care.

Certifications and Accreditations

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