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360x and Multimodality Interoperability to Support Care Transitions

Come to the HIMSS23 Interoperability Showcase to see 360x and Multimodality Interoperability to Support Care Transitions.

Our patient is an 18-year-old single woman who has just delivered a healthy baby girl. She has no significant past medical history other than past IV drug use. She has been regularly attending Narcotics Anonymous® and has been sober for the last three years. The scenario evolves as her sobriety is put in jeopardy when she experiences severe post-partum depression and self-medicates.

The complex course for this patient includes transitions across the spectrum of care through a variety of acute, ambulatory and LTPAC care environments. These transitions are optimized by the support of multi-modality protocols, technology and standards. The patient’s trajectory to recovery is optimized through: IHE 360X enabled care transitions, Condition of Participation (CoP) alerting, Carequality queries for additional results to support care as well as the patient performing a Carequality individual access query to collect her records. The standards used and demonstrated include C-CDA, HL7® V2, Direct, Carequality Network use cases and HL7 FHIR®.

The 360X IHE balloted set of specifications facilitates both closed loop referrals and transitions of care. The protocols first facilitate optimization of referral and transfer management. A referral/transfer request is initiated, and the patient’s pertinent information is pushed to the receiving caregivers and enables them to deliver optimal efficient care. The recipient will either “accept” or “decline” the referral or transfer request and the appointment/transfer is scheduled, eliminating back and forth phone calls and reducing “no show” rates. Once care has been delivered and the consultation has been completed, in the case of a referral, or the patient has been admitted, in the case of a transfer, the receiving providers then return a clinical outcome document (e.g., a consult C-CDA) of the referral/transfer to the initiating care team, thus closing the loop.

360X functionality is in general availability for several EHR vendors and is live in healthcare organizations with ongoing adoption across those EHR vendors’ install base.

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