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Beyond Lucid Technologies Selects MedAllies as its Qualified Health Information Network™ (QHIN™) Partner

Collaboration will enable EMS providers to more effectively respond to emergencies and share data with hospitals when transferring patients

FISHKILL, N.Y. and DANVILLE, Calif.Jan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — MedAllies, a leading healthcare interoperability and connectivity services provider, announced today that Beyond Lucid Technologies has selected MedAllies as its Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN) partner. Beyond Lucid Technologies is an award-winning software company that connects the mobile medicine ecosystem (fire, EMS, inter-facility transport, critical care and community paramedicine) for real-time information sharing among ambulances, hospitals and public health. 

Through this collaboration, emergency medical services (EMS) of all service levels and medical transportation providers using any NEMSIS v3-compliant patient care record (PCR) system will be able to leverage Beyond Lucid’s “prehospital pipes” – the MEDIVIEW BEACON Prehospital Health Information Exchange – to effectively and efficiently obtain key patient data even prior to arrival at the patient’s side, and to share potentially life-saving patient information with healthcare facilities prior to patient transfer.

Recently, MedAllies was awarded designation as a QHIN under the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common AgreementSM  (TEFCASM ). QHINs connect directly to each other to ensure interoperability between the networks they represent, enabling healthcare stakeholders to securely and reliably share accurate patient data, driving more informed patient-care decisions. 

“The statistics are clear but concerning. This year marks a decade since BLT became the very first company to certify on NEMSIS v3, a modern mobile medical data standard designed for interoperability. Yet some of America’s largest hospital systems and largest ambulance and fire services still exchange zero information in real-time or in formats that EHRs and HIEs cannot consume, either on the way to the hospital or on the way home after discharge,” said Jonathon Feit, co-founder and CEO of Beyond Lucid Technologies. “Where information transfer processes between ambulances and hospitals take place by paper and voice, about half of critical patient data are lost at each node of handoff. The negative impacts include avoidable medical errors, treatment delays, extended emergency department wait times, rising costs, provider burnout, negative patient experiences, and lawsuits. Partnering with MedAllies, along with HIEs in several states, represents the next step in BLT’s commitment to leverage federal standards and liberate data to move to and from ambulances fast enough to be clinically useful. Responders and their hospital partners will gain long-sought access to past medical history, medications, critical forms such as POLST, and crash mechanism—no matter what ePCR the agency uses in the field.”

“EMS providers are an essential but often-overlooked component of national healthcare data exchange,” said John Blair, MD, CEO of MedAllies. “Our partnership with Beyond Lucid Technologies will help drive greater interoperability between EMS providers and hospitals, resulting in higher-quality care after patient handoffs. The MedAllies and Beyond Lucid Technologies partnership is the first between a QHIN and a mobile medicine-facing technology partner and we are excited by this opportunity to facilitate real-time consumable data across the mobile medicine ecosystem.”

About MedAllies
MedAllies plays an indispensable role in ensuring the secure transmission of critical health information, promoting high-quality patient care through national networks that enable seamless data sharing and interoperability among healthcare constituents. We are committed to delivering exceptional network and service quality. Our industry-leading technology sets the standard for integration, message delivery success, document retrieval, patient record location, data usability, and directory accuracy. We serve over 800 hospitals, 5,000 organizations, and 125,000 healthcare providers and collaborate with numerous partners, bringing together millions of stakeholders and cultivating a more streamlined, patient-centered healthcare experience. For more information, visit and follow us on X and Linkedin.

About Beyond Lucid Technologies, Inc.
Beyond Lucid Technologies develops software to inform Mobile Medical Professionals about patients’ needs even before they arrive on-scene, then empower them to share insights across the care continuum in real-time. Our Communication Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) software is packed with innovations that make Fire, EMS, Non-Emergency Medical / Inter-Facility Transport, Critical Care (Ground and Air), and Community Paramedicine / Mobile Integrated Health (CP/MIH) safer, more efficient and more cost-effective, with three focal areas: interoperability, provision of specialty care data to Responders in the field, and patented post-crash intelligence. With over 30 states and 300+ hundred hospitals on our MEDIVIEW BEACON Prehospital Health Information Exchange network, BLT has been called “Silicon Valley’s Emergency Medical Technology Experts.” We have deployed America’s first statewide, EMS-accessible registry of POLST forms and of children with special health needs. Winner of the 2019 Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award for EMS Communications Platform, and awards from EMS World and the Journal of EMS. Join BLT in realizing the vision of Mobile Medical interoperability:

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