Our story

MedAllies, founded in 2001, brings extensive experience to  EHR implementation and workflow redesign to improve clinical care. MedAllies provides unmatched expertise in interoperability, health information exchange and Direct services. As one of the ONC Direct Reference Implementation vendors, MedAllies has provided Direct services since the Direct Project’s inception.  MedAllies operates a leading national Direct network and offers MedAllies Direct Solutions™, a suite of services that includes MedAllies Mail.

MedAllies’ Direct-enabled solutions emerged, not from the 2010 pilot, but from years of successful health IT implementation. MedAllies evolved as clinical needs and technology became more sophisticated, and with that, a greater demand for the ability to move health information efficiently and effectively.

MedAllies Direct Solutions builds on existing technology to achieve interoperability. It focuses on provider adoption and use of EHRs for clinical workflow integration beyond the walls of their organizations over the MedAllies Direct Network. MedAllies Direct Solutions ensures clinically relevant data can be exchanged between providers–using disparate EHR systems–seamlessly and in a manner completely consistent with existing EHR workflows. This approach supports Promoting Interoperability and the patient-centered medical neighborhood.

MedAllies offers

Technical integration 

MedAllies has the expertise to manage the requisite technical integration with leading health information technology vendors.


MedAllies is working with several organizations (DirectTrust, HIMSS, ONC, HL-7) to advance interoperability in the industry. 

Clinical expertise

MedAllies’ team includes physicians and implementation experts, focused on increased adoption and use of technology. MedAllies leverages an expert clinical process redesign team, under the direction of Chief Executive Officer, A. John Blair III, MD, F.A.C.S. and Chief Medical Officer Holly Miller, MD, MBA, FHIMSS, to ensure the Direct-enabled solution is aligned with the practice’s clinical workflow.

Connectivity and Interoperability

To receive full benefits from an EHR, the system must be connected to the health care community. Physicians need to be able to seamlessly send and receive information about their patients as they transition across care environments from and into their native EHR system. MedAllies supports our clients by helping them find their Interoperable enabled clinically trading partners.