Our Approach

In today’s health care environment, delivery of quality care requires access to pertinent clinical information at the point of care—the right information, at the right time, securely delivered to the right provider. The evolution of EHR systems gives connected providers access to comprehensive and powerful technology applications when and where they need them. The MedAllies approach enhances and optimizes the practices’ EHR workflows to process and integrate information exchanged during patient transitions of care.

Direct represents the apex of this technology. Direct is not about technology for its own sake. It is about technology–available now–for the sake of optimal patient care.

EHRs become more sophisticated each year, but until recently, their potential has been locked in the “Tower of Babel” syndrome: Systems from different vendors speak different languages. Interoperability—a requirement of Meaningful Use —has been more theory than practice. Lack of interoperability puts patients at risk because crucial information may not be communicated when EHRs fail to “understand” each other.

MedAllies remedies that—while decreasing provider burden and transcription errors. Direct technical infrastructure enables participants to securely and accurately transfer vital clinical information and incorporate the discrete data into their own EHR due to inherent semantic interoperability. MedAllies provides a national network capable of supporting interoperability among all physicians using certified EHR systems. By connecting providers nationwide who have certified electronic health records, MedAllies can address real-world health care gaps, such as the lack of care coordination across care transitions.

MedAllies’ Direct HISP Solution builds on existing technology to achieve interoperability, with physicians using their current EHR systems. With MedAllies’ Direct, clinicians have pertinent clinical information “pushed” to them in their own EHR systems, allowing them to provide the highest quality and most efficient care possible.