Connectivity Services

Healthcare’s preferred Connectivity Services provider.

MedAllies evolved as clinical needs and technology became more sophisticated, and with that, a greater demand for the ability to move health information efficiently and effectively.

Technical Expertise

As one of the ONC Reference Implementation sites for Direct and one of the initial pilot sites, MedAllies has provided Direct services since the Direct Project’s inception. We also helped develop the Direct protocols: MedAllies contributed to the Specification Standards for Direct. We understand the technical and functional requirements of EHR vendors, health care organizations and providers, regardless of size or location. MedAllies Direct Solutions has already fully engaged clinicians along with their various EHR vendor partners in Direct efforts.

Clinical Expertise

Clinical involvement is at the core of our organization. We are doctors as well as health IT technical experts, and we understand how to work with physicians, physician organizations and health systems. MedAllies has its roots in supporting practice transformation through the patient-centered medical home and the patient-centered medical neighborhood.

Adoption and Usage Expertise

MedAllies has over 20 years’ experience ensuring healthcare organizations successful adoption and usage of health information technology to improve clinical workflow by decreasing provider burden and enhancing the value of patient care. We have deep roots in healthcare. MedAllies is physician led and the executive team includes an Internist in the role of Chief Medical Officer. Because of our clinical and technical expertise, we provide efficient onboarding with technical and clinical support as practices and health systems deploy Direct. Over the years, MedAllies has leveraged EHR implementations to facilitate physician office redesign, improve office practice efficiencies and enhance population health. Stemming from our early practice transformation work with Taconic IPA to our current work with CPC+, the MedAllies’ team has significant subject matter expertise in change management to create provider buy-in, role-based workflow, and sustained usage and adoption of new health information technology.

EHR Interoperability

Since our inception, MedAllies has focused on provider transitions of care and EHR interoperability. As Direct emerged, it became clear to us that Direct could be much more than medical email and represents the EHR interoperability solution that the industry has been struggling with for years. Standards are in place with 2015 edition CEHRT, and EHR vendor end-to-end testing across HISPs is occurring now. MedAllies operates and offers an EHR interoperability lab to all 2015 edition CEHRT and HITRUST accredited HISPs at no charge. The sole purpose of this lab is to help eliminate disruption for EHR vendor customers as they test out upgrades and new Use Cases over the Direct network.