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About MedAllies

Securely Delivering Vital Health Information through National Networks For Over 10+ Years

The MedAllies Way

Bringing together millions of healthcare personnel for a more efficient interoperable healthcare experience

60+ Years Clinical Experience

MedAllies is led by clinicians with over 60 years combined experience in medical practice. We are doctors and health IT experts, our goal is to enhance care.

Service Excellence

We serve over 800 hospitals, 5,000 organizations, and 125,000 providers and partners providing millions with the information required for efficient and effective care.

Message Delivery Success

MedAllies works directly with other accredited HISPs and partnering edge systems (e.g., EHRs, HIEs, etc.) to ensure messages are delivered, rendered correctly, and actionable.

Directory Accuracy

MedAllies frequently updates our directory to maintain accuracy, ensuring clinicians have the information needed at the point of care.

MedAllies Deep Roots In Healthcare

For over 20 years, MedAllies has been partnering with healthcare organizations to facilitate the successful adoption and usage of new technology to improve clinical workflows. We pride ourselves on being subject matter experts to create provider buy-in, improve role-based workflows, and sustainable use to decrease system burdens and enhance patient/provider relationships.

Our Story and Achievements


MedAllies was created to provide the implementation, training, and support for Taconic IPA physicians in New York’s Hudson Valley utilizing web-based health information technology tools  


MedAllies with Taconic IPA is awarded a $1.5 million dollar grant to study medication errors with researchers from Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston, MA 


MedAllies works with the Electronic Health Record Association (EHRA) on a push specification that would eventually become part of the ONC Direct Project  


MedAllies leads one of the reference implementations for the ONC Direct Project  


MedAllies launches the MedAllies Direct National Network


MedAllies receives Direct Trusted Agent Accreditation Program (DTAAP) for Certificate Authority (CA), Registration Authority (RA), and Health Information Service Provider (HISP) services  


MedAllies becomes an ONC certified HISP


MedAllies becomes part of the CPC+ program serving New York and New Jersey 


MedAllies achieves HITRUST CSF Certification


MedAllies supports CoP ADT e-Notifications


MedAllies supports Electronic Case Reporting (eCR) 


MedAllies becomes a Carequality Implementer 


MedAllies receives Direct Trusted Agent Accreditation Program (DTAAP) for Cloud Service Provider (CSP)


MedAllies achieves HITRUST CR2 Certification


MedAllies earns ONC 21st Cures Certification 


MedAllies Successfully Moves to the Next Phase of QHIN Onboarding