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Our process sets us apart.Click to enlarge

Our onboarding process sets MedAllies apart from the competition. Smooth, rapid onboarding ensures adoption across communities and across disparate systems.


MedAllies uses a three-phase, three-track process that takes a provider organization from contracting to onboarding and into ongoing support in 30 days or less. Each community is unique, so MedAllies’ customized approach fits any community model. Our process includes:


  • Support for Stage 2 Meaningful Use (MU2). We work with you to identify clinical trading partners with whom you regularly are exchanging patient information. That’s how MedAllies Direct Solutions™ supports Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements for communication across provider organizations.

  • Community support. Our experts work with your team to advance the patient-centered medical neighborhood, improve transitions of care, foster care coordination and improve patient outcomes.

  • Technical integration. MedAllies has the expertise to manage the requisite technical integration with leading EHR ambulatory and hospital information system vendors.