The MedAllies connectivity model truly plays well with others--it crosses all provider types and locations, from small practices to integrated delivery networks. By connecting providers with certified EHR systems nationwide, MedAllies can address real-world health care gaps, specifically the lack of communication and care coordination across care transitions.


The Direct Trusted Agent Accreditation Program (DTAAP) validates and supports compliance with Direct. MedAllies’ DTAAP accreditation assures that MedAllies meets the highest standards in data privacy and security. The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC), a non-profit standards development organization and accrediting body, partnered with DirectTrust to create a national accreditation program for health information “trusted agent” service providers, including health information service providers (HISPs), certificate authorities (CAs) and registration authorities (RAs). This combined accreditation validates technical, security, trust and business practices, and ensures HISP-to-HISP interoperability among trusted agents.


Reach is identical for all EHNAC/DTAAP-accredited networks. Our triple accreditation assures physicians that your Direct-enabled system complies with MU2 requirements. Any provider organization can communicate with any other provider organization if both have certified EHR technology and use an accredited network.

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